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Jimmy B Dietary & Vital-Sign Tracker


We have met our target date of April 2020, thus ensuring compliance with the stringent standards, which our Quality Assurance department demands. The integrity of our product is of the utmost importance, and shoulders the designation to exceed your just expectations. We feel that further field testing over a greater period of time is unwarranted.  We insist on providing the best tools, which you will use with one hundred percent satisfactions. You deserve a stable product that works consistently, day after day...year after year...without fail or pause.

After tireless testing the Jimmy B Dietary & Vital-Sign Tracker is here.

Thank you so much, for your patience.

Jim Bondy

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GREAT Discounts For Links:

During Covid 19 pandemic 

Front Line Workers 100%       FREE    (For Essex county, Ontario Workers only)

PSWs                      100%      FREE      (For Essex county, Ontario Workers only)

Everyone else 50% discount $7.15    (For everyone everywhere)

If applying for a FREE program, please 

Don't fill out the form below.

Email me directly at: jimmybtracker@gmail.com   and: 

~Attach something with your name, that shows evidence of your status: Front Line    Worker, PSW, (Living in Essex County Ontario)

Senior qualified for GIS. (Living in Essex County, Ontario)

Send it to me and I'll personally send you your very own program...FREE of charge

PLEASE block out any identifying numbers or other personal sensitive information other than your name.  This evidence will not be kept on record & will be deleted upon confirmation. 

Forever Discount:

Seniors living in Essex County, Ontario and who qualify for Guaranteed Income Supplement (GIS) 100% discounted.

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