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>>**You will need to enable macros in your excel workbook**<<

(Easy to follow directions will help you make this secure)

You will start here, after you open the app and after you've acknowledged that you've read the disclaimer.

You just enter the information that's highlighted in YELLOW.

if you plan to forward your file, choose who the recipients are.

You can have up to 3 recipients.

It can be anyone you want.

Just change the names from, (Family Doctor, Sugar Doctor & Heart Dr),

to whom ever you want.

Input their email addresses in the blocks provided.

In this section, you can add in your own food items & values, from the Nutritional Facts labels on most food packaging.

Changing your default values is a cinch...changing back even easier!

Just over-type the value ..Want to change back to factory? 

Hit Default Reset.

This is the area that all of the defaults are stored.

You can alter any of these, to fit your active lifestyle.

If you find that you just want to reset any block,

just click the "Default Reset" tabs next to each.

It automatically adjusts to the new values.

These values have been supplied through internet searches

We are not physicians, nurses, or dietitians 


ALRIGHT!  Now, that's out of the way.  Lets go to the Home Sheet.

(This is where it all happens.  Most of your entering will be done here.

This is the meat and potatoes of the program.

The next 3 images below, is where you enter the majority of your data.

Such as:

This image shows the following inputs: 

In Exercise - input your steps

Then hit "Update" button

"Update" button send the data to the tables & charts

In BP & Pulse - input your Systolic, Diastolic & Pulse. 

                             (for 3 entry sets if you want)

                       Your inputs will be averaged.

Then hit "update" button

 "Update" button send the data to the tables & charts    

At any time, you can view your data table or you charts.

(click "View Data" or "View Chart")

This image shows the following inputs

In INR -         Input the value from your blood-work. 

Then hit "Update" button

                       Often the value is important to persons with heart issues,

                       as it signifies the speed in which your blood coagulates

in Weight - That's easy just input your weight as often as you want.

Then hit "Update" button

                        My wife inputs it weekly...but that's your call.

In Glucose - You input the number from the blood glucose monitor.

                        There is also a drop-down menu,

                        so you can select the time of day you tested.

Then hit "Update" button

In Message - you can input any message-start in the yellow box.

                         Type as long a message as you want.  

                         There is a drop-down menu, 

                         so you can choose the topic of your message. 

                         When you hit the "update" Button, 

                         the message will go to the log entries.

                         Any note you put here, will go to the physician 

                         when or if you send the file out.

                         Sending to your physician is your decision.

If you get stuck at any time, you can view your "HELP" areas.

(click "HELP" button

When you hit the "Update" button on the Message area, it appears in the Log Entries page.

Please  notice the automatic inputs: 


Category (topic)

& Message

You zoom to any sheet, by clicking on tabs at the bottom of ALL pages.

(click "Any of the Tabs" )

This is the bottom section of the Home Sheet.

It is where you will decide, to whom you will send the data.

You do not necessarily have to do this.

Many people just use this program, to improve their health

All you need to do, is tap the "Click Here" button

next to the recipient...and away it goes...that's all you have to do.

Or Click "Send to All" to send to all 3 recipients.

Or don't send to anyone...No problem. 

This section is where you initiate your meal tracking.

Just click the "TO BEGIN" tab to start off.

It will whisk you off to the meal item selection sheet.

If you shut down during the day it's ok.

When you return click the "TO CONTINUE" button to continue.

Notice in blue type the texts: Calories, Total Fat, Cholesterol...Etc

When you click these, you will find the sheets have meal items sorted in order of lowest value (like calories) to highest. 

This will help you choose wisely, depending on your targets.

In the next 4 slides, I'll explain briefly about the meals section.

(This is where you can track everything that you eat)

When you hit "TO BEGIN" tab on the Home Sheet,

this sheet automatically comes up.

You will choose your meal items here.

(There's an option that you can enter your own meal items as well.

There are over 200 meal items in the list you see here on the left.

You can type a few characters of your item in the yellow box.

Hit enter 

It will bring you near to your item, so you can choose.

This saves you from having to type the exact text.

If it is near to your item click "YES".  If not click "NO", to advance to the next choice. 

(You may have, IE: Soup as your search but there may be several areas with that text).

When you see your item click the item name. 

It will automatically be added to your Meals Data sheet.

This is where, the app accumulates your items for the day.

Check out the next slide.

It is where the meal item goes, which you have just chosen.

If you can't find your meal item, you can enter your own item along with the data from the Nutritional Facts label on the side of the packaging.

There are several links in the program, to help you with this easy form.

Find them on the: Home sheet, Meal Item sheet (above) & Default sheet )

This sheet is where your meal items are collected.

Notice that the item is placed just below the headings.

Notice that the values taken from the food label, follows the item. 

The values are taken from the "Nutritional Facts" on food packages.

To continue adding items to your list, just click "NEXT" tab (Red).

This will bring you back to the page, ready for your next choice.

Notice the item values, are in the "Total Today" row.

As you add items, you will automatically get a real time running total of your values, ingested throughout the day.

"Duplicate" Button will copy your item. 

IE: if you have 2 pieces of cheese, input one, then hit "Duplicate".

OOPS...you entered an item by mistake? No problem.

(Just input the line number, in the top left corner box on meals sheet. 

Then hit Enter and "Click Here"...GONE!).

So you've entered all of your food items throughout the day.

(no cheating...right?)

This is what your sheet will look like.

Notice that the totals row has totaled all of the values.

IE: Calories, Fats, Sodium, Cholesterol, Protein, Etc...

This is when you click the "DONE" tab. (Green)

When you click the "DONE" tab:

The Totals that have accumulated are sent to a table.

This table in turn Creates the charts of your intake of:

Calories, Total Fat, Trans Fat, Cholesterol, Sodium, Total Carbs, Fiber, Sugar & Protein.

Great!  You've added all of your meal items, that you ingested today.

(Below is a few samples of the fruit of your labor, (so to speak)).
In the above slide, I mentioned that all of your meal items updates a system of charts.  Here is a glimpse of a few examples. 

This shows how you are doing with your calorie intake.
Complete with a Trend Line, to help your visualization.

This chart show your consumption of Total fats.

The list goes on...

There are 9 charts in total. 
Each depicting your progress regarding your diet.

Why your diet is working.
And...Why it may not.

At anytime on any sheet, you can go directly to the home sheet.

(click any "HOME"  or 'GO TO HOME" button)

There are"HELP" buttons, associated with every input area.

If you run into any trouble, just tap the "HELP" button.

Doing this will bring you to areas, such as the one In this slide.

Notice that the bubbles will give you friendly information.

Even if you're in the process of adding data to the Home Sheet,

click the "HELP" button to get a hint...

then just click "HOME" button, to go back to where you started.

There is a comprehensive (easy to read) Instruction Sheet,

that should be used to start off, so you don't miss anything.

There are links to view it on the home sheet,

or just find it on the tabs along the bottom of all sheets.

All Charts are equipped with target values, assigned by "Default Sheet".

Each has a Trend-Line, so you can better determine your improvement.

This is the Glucose Data Sheet.

When you hit Update on the home sheet at the glucose box, the data you've input goes in these tables.

Notice that there is a main table on the left...everything goes here.

The entered data, is then sorted to the different times of the day.

Before Breakfast, After Breakfast, Before Lunch, After Lunch, Before Supper, After Supper & Beditme.

These tables automatically create charts. 

They are sorted to the 7 times of the day. (as above)


The Next 3 slides, show a few examples of the CHARTS. 

They're created to use as tools, to assist you. 


This slide has a few examples of charts. 

They have been created, using data from your Glucose entries.

The top chart, is captured from the last 3 months of data.

It's updated, with the collection from all times of the day.

This chart is from the sorted data, inputted as "Before Breakfast".

Notice the Trend-Lines on all of the charts.

It would be hard to determine if you are improving, without them.

This chart is from the sorted data, inputted as "After Breakfast".

There are 7 charts in total. 

They depict how you are improving, or lacking improvement

After about 1 year of data...when you add a day to the end, one day is 

removed (near) the beginning. 

This way, the points do not crowd into an illegible black blob.

This slide has a few more examples of charts.

They've been created, using data from your STEPS(exercise) entries.

This chart depicts, how many Kilometers the person has walked.

Notice the Target Line. (Red)

As the person improved, she raised her target.

This chart depicts, how many steps were taken.

Each point is one days worth of steps.

Notice the Trend-Line...Certainly a very useful tool.

Enjoy the wonderful celebration, when you hit your WEIGHT goal.

You won't want to reset your goal for a few weeks, to keep watching the fun, as you re-enter your great accomplishment, over and over.

This is the chart, created when you Update in your WEIGHT box.

This is the actual improvement that my wife has accomplished,

over one years' time.

from the time that she started this program... 

till the time of my creating this website...only one year!

Of course everyone is different.  In no way are we implying, that everyone could enjoy the same results. 


At anytime, your can find out what meal items are beneficial to your needs

(Just click the blue text, on the Home Sheet (Meals section))

Calories, Total fat, Trans/Sat fat, Cholesterol, Sodium, Carbs, Fibre, Sugar & Protein

(See image below)

In the meals section (See image above),

you will find some text in bold blue.

Click on any of these texts, to access the related items.

It will go directly, to the sheet you chose.

These data sheets, include the listing of all of your food items.

Instead of sorted alphabetically, 

the items are sorted to the heading you have chosen.

This data sheet chosen is the "Cholesterol".

All of the items are sorted, from lowest to highest in cholesterol.

If you have heart or other related issues, that may require you to lower your cholesterol you may want to choose meal items that are                                                                                                                                                 lower in cholesterol.

These sorted Meal Item Sheets, will help remove the stigma attached to

comparing "Nutritional Facts" labels. 

(It's all right there, (everything that you eat), inputted on a full sheet)

Sorted lowest to highest


Maybe you're watching your calories.

Well, just click the bold blue text "Calories".

All of the items are sorted, from lowest to highest calories.

If you are somewhat overweight, you may want to choose meal items that are lower in calories

So much SODIUM...Tons-o-salt is in so many processed foods.

(Pull up the "Sodium" sheet & check which foods that you eat, are lowest

Some people need to have more fibre in their diet.

You then would click the bold blue text "Fibre".

All of your items are sorted, from lowest to highest in fibre.

Increase or decrease your intake of fibre, depending on your needs.

You may want to send your file to your doctor(s).  It's easy

(You need internet access on, Gmail Account, Allow less secure apps on)

Just check the simple to use instructions on how to do this & to toggle less secure apps on/off