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My wife, (the co-founder), has been struggling with weight problems, heart & blood pressure  issues as well as diabetes, for quite some time.  She's tried every diet program on the market.  The roller-coaster ride has been exhausting to say the least. Her bypass surgery, also didn't help matters for the next long while.  Finally she advised me that this is it; and as usual I supported her fully on our adventure.  Due to the fact that I've been recently retired, I've had more time on my hands.  I decided, that if I could create an excel tracking program, she could actually see from day to day, her progress (or lack of).  It would help her to identify, (by looking at the history & trend-lines), if she was improving.  I knew if she could see a trend-line mapping her progress, it would help her out.  I wasn't wrong.  She started watching the charts and inputting in the 'Meals' section of the program, everything that she was eating.  It was a 'real-time' visual and guessing whatsoever.  As she improved her eating habits; her blood pressure came under control; her glucose readings dropped from the upper teens to between 5 & 7.  On top of all of that, she dropped an average one pound per week, consistently over the year.  Very healthy weight loss indeed.  Since we have been tracking these and watching the charts, while sharing the data with her heart and diabetes specialists, they have reduced her medications drastically and she feels so much better for it.  
Sharing these charts with her heart specialist, prompted him to advise me to make this into an app or program.  This gave me the idea to market this product.  So here I am.

I had been  physically updating the charts and data tables, which proved to be a tedious effort on my part.  This was ok for me as, (like I said), I'm retired with time on my hands.  But most people don't have that luxury, with their busy schedules...everyone working double time to keep up with rising expectations.  I decided to automate the program with macros utilizing  VBA (Visual Basic for Applications).  Needless to say, I couldn't afford the exorbitant costs, associated with having the app created by some 'app development' corporation.  (If I could foot that bill, I wouldn't need your help...LOL). In any event, having a penchant for programming, (learned in past years), I decided to use that experience to fuel my quest.  Coding can be daunting to say the least, but I struggled through the learning process daily, over the past sixteen months.  Finally I've perfected the program, through past experience, stringent internet training, with some assistance from the experts for the tricky areas.  

Over the last twenty five years, (in a management position), I've had the pleasure of being deeply involved in the coordination of all Health, Safety, and Environmental aspects, for a tier-one automotive manufacturer.  This being just one of my responsibilities, demonstrates my drive to promote healthy lifestyles among other people.


There are discussions abound, regarding the lack of Patient / Physician Communication.  This lifestyle program could bridge that gap, as there can be seamless communication between these parties.  My ultimate goal is to reach out to the hospital directors and government officials, to bring our program to light.  You go to the hospital and they take your BP, etc...once...and make decisions  based on this criteria.  
Wouldn't it be better, if after one visit they assigned a small computer tablet, whereas the patient returns home and forwards readings on a daily basis (like how the personal heart monitors are assigned now?
This is not just for patients & physicians, you know.  You will use it as a guide to your health.  Imagine just choosing from a list everything that you are eating, and the program converts the days totals into vibrant charts displaying the critical data and how you're trending.  

For the price, you get so much more value.  

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